MoonFactory App Real or Fake | Moon Factory App Full Details

    Moon Factory App Apk Download, Moon Factory New Earning App 2021, Moon Factory App Fake, Moon Factory Earning App, Moon Factory Earn Money, Moon Factory Earning App - Welcome back friends From last few months many fake earning apps are coming in play store. Is. But many people invest in these apps due to lack of information and many people lose their money. That's why we keep alerting people through our website. So today we will tell about such a fake app which is again cheating people. The name of that fake app is Moonfactory app. For complete information about Moon Factory, you have to read ours from beginning to end.

    What is MoonFactory Earning App?

    Moon Factory app is built on money making platform. And this company claims that if you invest in it or refer your friends to moonfactory app main, then moon factory app will give you some commission. By doing just that, it will earn you money.
    Is MoonFactory App Real or Fake?
    Apps like Moon Factory keep coming every week or say every month through play store or website. But many people invest in these apps due to lack of information, due to which they lose their money. An app like moonfactory has run away with the money of many people in the last few months and they duped people of crores of rupees.
    The names of those fake apps are- sun factory app, movie king rich app, tata earn app,powerbank app, there are many other apps which are doing fraud but this one was the most popular. Along with being popular, many people had invested in these apps, due to which their money has been sunk.
    Why is Moon Factory app a fake app?
    The Moon Factory app is similar to the recently fraudulent app and works exactly like them and has the same UI as the Moonfactory app.
    This app does not have any customer care, it only tells Telegram as its customer care. Where he never replies.
    Neither Moon Factory Company has any office nor has the company disclosed anything about itself. Friends, if you do not know anything about the company, then how can you invest in that company.
    Moon Factory is very poorly designed. And its design is similar to the old fraud app. By which it is also known that the moonfactory app is a fake app.
    Friends, that is why you should also make people aware about these apps. Or if any of your friend asks you to download moon factory app, then explain to him that this app is fraud app and never invest in moonfactory apps.
    Because this app gives a lot of commission to people on refer and earn and people keep adding more people with them in the greed of this commission, due to which many people invest in these apps, that's why people like you and us. It is very important to make people aware so that people do not lose their hard earned money so easily.

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